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This is the name Charles should choose when he becomes king

British monarchs can choose a different name for themselves, called a royal name (or reigning name), when they ascend the throne. According to Royal Central, a royal name differs from the one given to them at birth to identify the monarch during their reign. Reader’s Digest further notes that there have been many opinions about what name Prince Charles will choose when he becomes king, and many believe he will be King Charles III. The royal name of the new king will also include a royal number. Each number is a Roman numeral which makes the ruler’s name unique. Confused? Keep reading.

Royal Central speculates that Charles might choose another name because the two previous monarchs named King Charles were part of the English Civil Wars. The name may be unlucky! The Prince of Wales has four first names, Charles Philip Arthur George, so he could choose one, becoming King Philip, King Arthur, etc. – you get the idea. As for his mother, Hello! Magazine recalled a story about Elizabeth when she chose her royal name. When the 25-year-old princess was asked what she wanted for her royal name, the always sensible Elizabeth replied, “Mine, of course.” This is how the queen became Elizabeth II.