King kingdom

This KZN wine cellar pays homage to King Shaka of the Zulu nation

For all of our provincial wine lovers, we have a nice update on Seventeen87, the South Coast wine cellar. They are celebrating their first year as a company in the warmest and most meaningful way.

The Seventeen87 Wine Cellar was born last October, all thanks to Enterprise iLembe!

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Yes, an entire wine cellar created during the pandemic in KZN that is performing exceptionally well, given the KZN unrest the province experienced in July.

They are currently running an incredible campaign to celebrate their first anniversary and we can only applaud them for this creative combination of history and wine.

They pay homage to the founder of the Zulu nation, King Shaka, with five different cultivars; sauvignon blanc, chenin blanc, pinotage rose, merlot and cabernet sauvignon.

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The CEO of ILembe company, Linda Mncube said: “The challenge now is to be innovative in our thinking about how to extend this concept and link with other existing tourism products not only in the district but across the province. . We also need to make sure we continue to maintain high service levels and meet visitor expectations. “

This experience ticks all the boxes mentioned – a wine experience with some history lessons about the KZN province and the Zulu nation.

Daniel Maerkl, director of Seventeen87, confirms this by explaining that some of the brands from which their wines are made are named in Zulu and communicate messages about the history of the Zulu kingdom.

Take a look at the king shaka collection:

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“When customers come, we offer a wine tasting, which gives you the same experience you find in the Western Cape. We teach people how to taste wine, fun facts about the industry and educate them about wine, ”continued Maerk.

“KZN is not a wine province. Most people come here to experience something that they have never seen before. They leave with knowledge and buy wines that bring us income, “he concluded.

And this collaboration of industries makes the experience fun and opens up more opportunities for other industries to join and make the wine tasting experience a creative and fun experience compared to the usual rigid format.

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Seventeen87 has fortunately sold over 1,750 bottles of wine and over 1,300 tastings have taken place since its launch. The sky is definitely the limit for this KZN wine cellar!

Now you know what to add to your vacation itinerary …