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From the conception of a child to the emergence of the universe, the life force principle of energy is hidden in plain sight. This principle goes by many names, but its function and relationship remain constant.

Mystics and poets, desert fathers and shamans seem to have glimpsed these things long before our contemporary sciences. Before God spoke only in King James English, yoga mats and the latest psychedelic trends, early people incorporated meaning maps to experience sustainability in their environment.

Prior to the era of warrior/royal cultures, divine feminine cultures represented a time and space for human collaboration and sharing. The divine feminine cultures of the animist era see the divine spark of life as something to commune with rather than consume or conquer.

In the current political climate, the warrior/royal culture has dominated the spheres of society and the natural environment.

If nothing is done, thus emerges the tyrant. Environmental capitalism and monopolies continue to steal, kill and destroy land and human groups. Deforestation, coral bleaching, water diversions, mismanagement of natural resources, and soil depletion from chemicals and pesticides perpetuate the structural violence we live in today.

So let’s not listen to the voice of the tyrant who makes his empire work over various languages, tribes and nations. But back to the innate which is the life force that pushes biodiversity and human consciousness to deeper levels of understanding the mysteries of the universe.

Samuel Peralta


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