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Was King Cold or Dabra Dragon Ball Z’s Most Wasted Villain?

Dragon Ball Z introduced King Cold and Dabura…but did next to nothing with them. Which massive villain was the biggest potential mess?

the dragonball the franchise has no shortage of memorable villains, but the long manga/anime history has taken things to the next level with Dragon Ball Z, blending sci-fi and fantasy to deliver truly intimidating foes for Goku and the Z Fighters to fight. However, while there are plenty of fan-favorite antagonists to surface in DBZ, not all of them received their fair due, with King Cold and Dabura among two of the most striking and formidable opponents who failed to live up to the hype behind their respective appearances. Both were rather pathetically dispatched.

Here are the too-brief roles King Cold and Dabura each starred in DBZhow they were defeated individually, and what true villain potential was ultimately wasted as the story’s biggest missed opportunity.

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King Cold’s story in DBZ


King Cold is the father of Frieza, one of everyone’s greatest villains. dragonball franchise. Cold debuted shortly after his son was defeated and left for dead in the planetary wreckage of Namek, with his army retrieving Frieza’s body and outfitting him with cybernetic parts to revive him. With Mecha Frieza in tow, Cold arrived on Earth seeking revenge against the Z Fighters while Goku was still in transit to return home.

After the mysterious Future Trunks single-handedly defeated Cold’s army and killed Frieza after transforming into a Super Saiyan, Cold pretended to offer to team up with Trunks to attack the teenager a moment later. Unfazed, Trunks easily killed Cold with a single burst of energy. In the filler anime stories, Cold resurfaces, causing trouble in hell with his son, the Force, and the Ginyu Cell, only to be defeated by a single blow from the stoic warrior Pikkon.

Dabura’s story in DBZ

Dabura is revealed to be the king of the Demon Realm, a hellish world within DBZ. The sinister sorcerer Babidi took advantage of Dabura’s dark powers and the immense amount of evil in the Demon King’s heart to magically bring him under his full control, empowering him in the process as well. Following this, Dabura was rarely seen away from Babidi’s side as his strongest warrior, capable of turning his opponents into solid stone if they came into direct contact with his spit.

Dabura easily killed Babidi’s minions Yamu and Spopovovich, as well as the Supreme Kai’s attendant Kibito, before turning Piccolo and Krillin to stone, leaving the Z Fighters stunned. Gohan would fight Dabura one-on-one, but neither fighter emerged triumphant, even with Gohan transformed into Super Saiyan 2. Instead, Dabura would be devoured by Babidi’s awakened monster Majin Buu before suffering a change of heart in the afterlife to become a peaceful one. figure.

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King Cold vs. Dabura: Who was more wasted in DBZ?

While Captain Cold brings some backstory to Frieza, he was never presumed to be stronger than his son, with Cold being in his species’ second state of transformation; two levels behind Frieza. Cold even alludes to being weaker than his son in the animated film. Dragon Ball Super: Broly as he hands over control of his empire to Frieza. Frieza has always been the ultimate threat, with Cold perpetually in his son’s shadow.

In contrast, Dabura was established as such a deadly threat that he could take out three of the Z Fighters before either Goku or Vegeta could react in time. Goku reckons Dabura is slightly stronger than Cell, with Gohan struggling to keep up with his demonic opponent, though Vegeta remained largely impressed. But instead of Dabura getting an epic sendoff, he was quickly defeated by a joke attack from Buu, turned into a giant cookie, and eaten just to prove how dangerous Majin Buu really was. With Dabura’s redemption, there’s little chance the Demon King will become a threat to the Z Fighters and show his full potential, making his threat’s promise all the more unfulfilled.

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