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What will happen when the queen dies and Prince Charles becomes king?

While Queen Elizabeth II is mostly a token figure and has no real authority in government, one of her theoretical powers is to open Parliament. Monarchs used to have prerogative executive powers and these were handed over to Parliament and include such things as the deployment of armed forces.

Last May, the monarch was absent from the official opening of Parliament for the first time in 59 years. Her son Prince Charles stood in for Her Majesty and delivered the Queen’s Speech instead.

Over the past few months, Her Majesty has missed several appointments due to her age. At 96, she is the longest-reigning monarch in British history.

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While extensive plans are in place at Buckingham Palace to deal with his death, most people may be wondering what will happen when he dies and whether Charles will take over immediately. For this reason, we have compiled an understanding of the various possible outcomes when the queen eventually passes.

What will likely happen when the queen dies?

As soon as a monarch dies, the Prime Minister is informed and a “Membership Council” is organised, made up of groups of advisers known as the Privy Council. The Privy Council is generally headed by the monarch.

The Privy Council will meet at St. James’s Palace in London to begin the transition and will recognize Prince Charles as the new official monarch unless he abdicates. In this case, Prince William will become king. The new king will then be sworn in and Parliament will also be summoned and its members will take an oath of allegiance to the new monarch.

The Prime Minister will have a meeting with the new King the day after the Queen’s death and his coffin will be transferred to Buckingham Palace. A state procession will take place the following days.

After the Queen’s death, Camilla will become Queen Consort and provide support and companionship to King Charles – although he may choose a different name to rule due to the unfortunate history of previous kings bearing Charles’ name. The Duke of Edinburgh was Her Majesty’s husband for over 60 years until his death in 2021.

As for where the new king will live, The Mirror reported that Prince Charles had said he would live in “a flat above the shop” at Buckingham Palace as he wanted to reduce the royal estate. He might avoid living at Windsor Castle due to its proximity to Heathrow Airport.

It is also reported that Prince William and Kate Middleton could move from Kensington to Windsor Castle. In recent months, the couple have visited various properties near the Queen, including Adelaide Cottage which is a stone’s throw from Windsor Castle.

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