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Who is King Canute in Vikings Valhalla? Character explained

King Canute has appeared in the new Netflix show Vtastes: Valhalla, as well as many other characters. Well, let’s learn all about him.

Vikings: Walhalla is very popular with fans for many reasons. Beautiful locations, soundtracks, twists, direction and, not to mention, the acting. Several characters from the show caught our eye, and King Canute tops the list. He seems to have all the qualities a true king should have. And like most of the characters in vikingsKing Canute is also based on the real character.

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Vikings: Walhalla | Official trailer | netflix

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Vikings: Walhalla | Official trailer | netflix





King Canut in Vikings Valhalla

King Canute is shown to have a very influential personality in the series. He is the leader of vikings, and his people don’t just respect him out of fear, but they really believe in him. The king of vikings appears to have long side-parted hair, a long beard, and a stiff build.

He is shown to be fearless in accepting individual fights and fighting large armies. This can be seen when he challenges Prince Edmund to a solo fight or asks him to send his best men to fight him. We don’t see King Canute engage in battle in the series, but his story reveals that he was a great warrior.

King Canute is not only the one with strength and courage, but he is also a good speaker and a good listener. When the vikings plan to get Edmund across the bridge, Canute is the one who manipulates him and makes him act out of rage. Unlike Edmund, King Canute does not act on his emotions and is a clairvoyant person. This is why despite capturing England, he does not kill Edmund or the other kings. In fact, he makes them his allies and his visions to rule all of Northern Europe. The way he applauds his allies and foes alike for their strengths shows one of his excellent skills to get everyone to trust him.

The story of the real Canute the Great tells that he was the king of Norway, Denmark and England, together known as the North Sea Empire. King Canute was a Christian but never despised other religions. The high mention of pagan religion in his praise poetry is evident in his secularism.

Meet the actor playing King Canut

Bradley Freegard starred as King Canute in Vikings: Walhalla. He is also known for his roles in Keeping Faith, Casualty, Doctors and a few other TV series, movies and soap operas.

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