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Why some thought that the Lion King was only a copy of this anime

The anime and the film share some key elements – as they are both stories passage to adulthood that depict the journey of a young lion in Africa, they also share the same tragic scenario where their fathers are murdered and son should grow up and rise as leaders in their place. “The Lion King” not revolved only around animals, but the story of Kimba included human characters more animals, centered on the conflict between nature and civilization. It does not help that Kimba and Simba are essentially the same names, the difference being a single alphabet.

And that’s not all. Call it a coincidence and nothing more, but “The Lion King” and “Kimba the White Lion” have more in common than you thought. In both films, the main antagonist is an evil lion with a black mane and a scar. While Scar in “The Lion King” has a scar over his left eye, Claw “Kimba the White Lion” has a scar in place of his left eye. Claw and Scar both acolytes who caquetent, spotted hyenas – while the first two, the second three. The circle of advisers Simba and Kimba also shares similarities – they are hysterical comic birds; a calao and a parrot, respectively.

There is also the first Simba conceptual art pieces that see the drawn as a white lion – and critics believe that the most substantial evidence of the inspiration of Disney by Kimba are scenes that reflect “Kimba the white lion “. The death scenes of the fathers of Simba and Kimba are eerily similar, and there are plans for African plains and animals passing through them. You remember the iconic visual with lions atop Pride Rock? The same can be found in “Kimba the White Lion” too. And conceptual art for “The Lion King” where Mufasa Simba appears as an image in the moon, was created for the first time in an episode of “Kimba the White Lion”.