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Why the King of the United Kingdom’s “sausage fingers”?

After the death of Queen Isabella II His son on Thursday, September 8 at the age of 96 Carlos III was officially proclaimed king of the United Kingdom of Great Britain to ascend the throne this Saturday, September 10, at the age of 73, the oldest heir to the throne; When he was only 25, his mother was promoted.

in your statement In front of a large group of officials in the Palace of Santiago, the King confirmed that Will follow the “example” of your motherThe longest reigning monarch in British history with 70 years on the throne, upholding constitutional principles and serving the people with dedication.

However, now king of the united kingdom He’s in the public eye not only because of his historic rise, but also because, among other things, a medical condition has put him in the media spotlight: it’s his “sausage hands.”

The “sausage fingers” of King Charles III

Situation of King Charles III unnoticed, so much so that Alexander Macias, The infectologist and former flu commissioner in Mexico took an image of Her Majesty’s ‘sausage fingers’ and took to Twitter to explain possible reasons for her peculiar condition.

also known as ‘flu jar’, Macias insisted the ceremonial ceremonies “got attention” following the death of Queen Elizabeth II. edema (swelling) of the hands of Carlos III”.

In a post on his Twitter profile, Alejandro Macias noted that it has been speculated that the swelling in King’s hands is due to the fact that “Maybe he has arthritis” or liver, kidney or heart failure.

He gave a medical explanation to the new Prime Minister of the United Kingdom with a photo of the monarchLiz Truss, In which Carlos III is seen with red, swollen hands.

And he added that it’s not really something new, because “it’s already been shown in previous years”, swollen hands The “perpetual heir” to the British throne was in the media spotlight.

Even the current King Carlos III jokes about him. ‘hand sausage’ And this link is quoted in the biography of Howard Hodgson “Charles, the men who will be king”, who wrote about the condition of the son of Elizabeth II:

“I can’t express how excited and proud I am. In fact, he looks incredibly delicious and has sausage fingers like mine,” Charles III is said to have said in a letter to an unknown friend after the birth. of Prince William.