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Will the coronation of Prince Charles as king be the end of the road for Prince Andrew?

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According to reliable royal expert Daniela Elser, Prince Charles’ impending coronation as King of England will spell disaster for his younger brother, Prince Andrew.

Prince Andrew could face more humiliations once Prince Charles becomes king, says royal expert

The beleaguered Duke of York who is currently embroiled in a sex trial against a certain Virginia Giuffre has already been stripped of his royal patronages and military titles by the Queen after a US-based judge refused to dismiss the claims. accusations made by Giuffre.

Although Prince Andrew remains innocent until proven guilty in court, Daniela Elser claims the 61-year-old senior member of the royal family could face more humiliation once Prince Charles steps on the throne.

Elser argues that as then-King Charles’ first plan of action to reform the royal family, he could kick Prince Andrew out of Windsor Castle despite the fact that the Duke of York has resided there with his family since 2004.

The veteran royal expert said in his last message that the then King Charles, who had the power to choose who resides in the castle, would make the decision to protect the royal family from the harmful personality of his younger brother.

She said: ‘This is not a property which the family owns privately, but is let for pepper rent from the Crown Estate, meaning it is up to the reigning Sovereign of the day to decide who can live there basically for free.”

A possible expulsion from Windsor Castle would be the end of the road for Prince Andrew who has already lost his status as a royal family. What’s more, to make matters worse, sources inside Buckingham Palace say the Queen is also considering the possibility of stripping him of State Counselor status.

Although Prince Charles will have to wait until his 95-year-old mother dies from this life or voluntarily relinquish the throne to her before he can start making decisions for the monarchy, Elser is confident he will make that particular call once he will rise. The throne.

For now, Prince Andrews is surely hoping the time won’t come immediately as the Queen’s alleged favorite son still resides at Windsor Castle currently.

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