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Zanu-PF speaks out on links to King Mzilikazi commemorations

Zanu-PF has denied reports linking the ruling party to the Mzilikazi commemorations scheduled for early September, saying it was an attempt to distract its supporters from the upcoming by-elections in Bulilima.

By-elections will be held on September 3 to fill vacant wards 1, 14 and 16 following the resignation of two Zanu-PF councilors, Tonny Mlotshwa and Ntungamili Dube and the death of Delani Mabhena, who also belonged to the party in power, respectively. ..

Zanu-PF controls 21 councilors in the rural district of Bulilima, while the opposition has only one ward.

Reports emerged last week that Zanu-PF was involved in plans to host commemorations of King Mzilikazi scheduled for September 10 in Mhlahlandlela, the last known capital of Mzilikazi.

Mhlahlandlela is located on Old Gwanda Road, about 22 kilometers from Bulawayo.

“Attention: Umgubho wenkosi uMzilikazi kaMashobane, The Government of Zimbabwe and Zanu-PF invite everyone to join us in commemorating the life of King Mzilikazi. , local leaders, provincial, district and ward leaders of the Zanu- PF Location: uMhlahlandlela Invitation by Izinduna zaseMatabeleland and Zanu-PF Youth League Contact: Moses Langa, Zanu-PF Youth League President Mat South,” reports circulated last week.

Langa said it was not true that the party would honor the commemorations.

“It’s a big lie,” Langa said.

“There are relevant communication channels in the party. This is a big lie from our enemies trying to tarnish my image as a young political leader.

“It is meant to distract people from the upcoming Bulilima East neighborhood from the elections scheduled for September 3.”

However, the commemorations are apolitical.

Mzilikazi, considered the greatest Bantu warrior after King Shaka, founded the kingdom of Matabele now called Matabeleland after fleeing South Africa with his people.

He died on September 9, 1868.

Originally Shaka’s lieutenant, he revolted against Shaka, the Zulu King, in 1823 and withdrew his people north to Matabeleland, creating a huge and ethnically diverse nation along the way.

There were plans to revive the Ndebele kingdom, but the government scoffed at the suggestions.

Proponents of an Ndebele kingship argue that the matter does not need a constitutional provision as it is a traditional matter.

Lobengula was the last Ndebele king after a British pioneer column led by Cecil John Rhodes destroyed the kingdom in 1893/

There are three claimants to the throne: South Africa-based Bulelani Khumalo, South Stanley Raphael Khumalo and Peter Zwide Khumalo.