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Zavvi released an exclusive The Lion King Legacy SNES cartridge


Zavvi today revealed that they have released an exclusive Legacy SNES cartridge of the classic 1994 game The Lion King. It’s a complete remake of what gamers would have picked up in the ’90s, with its own artwork and special markings for their collection. The game is totally compatible with US SNES and exclusive to UK and EU, created by the folks at iam8bit. You can pick one up right now for £ 99.99 while supplies last, and it’s worth noting that there are only 4,500 for sale.

Take a look at the cartridge, box and leaflet of this special edition. Courtesy of Zavvi.

The majesty of The Lion King is a movie legend, and when it comes to video games, his SNES adaptation really pushed the boundaries of what was possible in the 16-bit age. From his nuanced character animation to his epic (and heartbreaking) wildebeest stampede, the Serengetti-The scope of the film was impressively captured on the cartridge in all its glory. This ultimate edition of the Legacy Cartridge Collection pays homage to the impossible feats that The Lion King realized in 1994, with a meticulous restoration of all original works of art and presentation in a premium package worthy of royalty.

Limited to 4500 pieces, and actually playable on a US SNES, cartridges are available in an opaque Mufasa Marigold design and an ultra-limited translucent Serengeti Sunrise phosphorescent edition, designed by Jango Snow Art & Design. Each cartridge is complete with all retro attributes including a very important custom dust cover and a premium full-color instruction booklet with restored artwork, and comes in a special fold-out foil box with gloss and embellishments.

  • New playable SNES compatible cartridge (compatible with US SNES)
  • Limited edition of 4500
  • Mufasa Marigold and Ultra Limited Translucent Serengeti Sunrise Glow-in-the-Dark Opaque Cartridges
  • Specialized Collapsible Aluminum Foil Box with Gloss and Embellishments
  • Premium full-color instruction booklet with restored artwork + foreword by Mike Mika
  • Custom dust cover
  • Retro surprises
  • Design and restoration of personalized packaging by Jango Snow Art & Design
  • Manufactured by Retrotainment Games + Infinite NES Lives
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